Why we do what we do

We love Colombia. Not just because it’s our country, but also because it’s filled with ancient history, natural wonders, friendly people, incredible biodiversity, amazing music, tempting cuisine and so much more.

Helping you discover all that Colombia offers is not just our job, it’s our passion. We believe every day begins with extraordinary promise, for both our visitors and our team.

Let us show you our Colombia. Because we know you’re going to love it, too

It’s all about you, too.

You are part of change in Colombia

At ZoOming.co, we work for the development of comprehensive and sustainable tourism in Colombia. We believe this enables us to become a more inclusive, self-aware and empowered society, and contributes to the conservation of the environment.

By immersing yourself in Colombia and spreading the word on who we are and the special experiences you enjoy, you’re helping us build a better country. Thank you for that.

Tourism helps peace thrive

The historic peace announcement between the government of Colombia and the FARC in 2017 ended 50 years of armed conflict. This creates numerous positive opportunities of our country to grow and prosper in peace, and for tourists to safely visit destinations throughout Colombia. The places featured on our website welcome visitors, are easily accessible, and enjoy the presence of state security, represented by the Colombian Army and the National Police, among others

Your presence improves our communities

ZoOming.co journeys offer a respectful approach to the social context and cultural values of our communities. They highlight a traditional way of life and represent the beliefs of everyday people from various regions. We find this creates an enjoyable exchange of ideas and experiences between both travelers and hosts.

ZoOming.co tours help generate economic benefits for local and regional businesses, improve the well being of communities, enhance working conditions, and contribute to the inclusion of new businesses in the tourism industry.

The tourism we conceive for Colombia it is not an alternative form of travel. We believe it is a better way to explore the world.