colombian coffee medellin good products exceptional arabica coffee colombian mountains
At Estación Medellin, we source for our clients a variety of outstanding Coffees of Origin from Antioquia region. The small farms where the coffee come from, meticulously manage every aspect of the coffee cultivation. This gives as a result a selection of specialty coffees, that coffee lovers can purchase fresh roasted, with a positive impact in the well-being of the growers.

Estación Medellin coffee connects you with a network of small producers that harvest the most exceptional coffee in the region. You are buying high quality coffee, for fair prices with a sustainable approach.
Every bean has been handpicked, washed with fresh mountain water, dry it in the sun, carefully selected and roasted by us to ensure an extraordinary product. Coffee growers, baristas, roasters teachers and tasters, work together to represent each farm profile through a tradition with the highest quality coffee.


Brand Mission

Our goal with the commercialization of specialty coffees is to build long-term relationships between our clients, coffee drinkers and the coffee growers. We believe that a strong connection between the growers and the coffee drinkers is what will in time; maintain the prosperity and culture of the families that crop coffee, preserve the bio-diversity and wellbeing of the tropical ecosystems and keep the coffee lover smiling faces after having a high quality unique drink every day.
The coffee growers that work with us have been farming the mountains of the Andes cordillera for many generations. From planting to harvest and milling, the rigor of their process leads to beans with remarkable potential for flavour. This extraordinary activity and the breath taking landscapes where it take place, are worth it to see.
colombian coffee medellin good products exceptional arabica coffee colombian mountains


colombian coffee medellin good products exceptional arabica coffee colombian mountains

Getting to know your Coffee better

Estación Medellin Coffee drinkers around the world are invited and welcome to visit the coffee farms where the product you are drinking comes from.

Once you are in Colombia, you are our guest! An expert guide will accompany you to tour the coffee farms where the coffee growers families will be your splendid hosts. Share every day life with the producers and take part in the process for your own coffee and experience the magnificence of Colombia natural resources

Other activities as coffee tasting, coffee preparation workshops and similar are also hosted for our guests. This activities aim to experience the kindness of Colombian people, the enjoyment of exceptional coffee and the understanding of our traditions and history.
Buying Estación Medellín coffee, you boost the sustainable economical development of our country, encourage environmental awareness and favour positive change.


Get it now!

Get your fresh roasted coffee from Colombia directly to your door in 3 to 5 days! Send us your information to get the total price and date of arrival. You can pay safely with your credit card and get your shipment via Fedex.

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