Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make booking?

Our bookings can be made by filling out the booking forms in, calling us on the phone or customizing your trip via email. Select the service you wish to book and complete the form for your booking or contact us. You will get an email after we check the tour or service availability. In order to confirm your booking you will need to pay the booking deposit for the day tours or the full amount on the dates specified for multiple day trips or itineraries. After completing the transaction you will receive an instant email that contains your confirmation ticket and reservation details.

How long before the service beginning date do I need to make my reservation?

This can vary depending on the length of your tour. For a one day trip you will need to make your reservation with at least 24 hours in advance. For whole journeys around the country you need to book with a minimum of 15 days in advance.

Can I make changes to my reservation?

You can make a change in your booking contacting depending on various factors. We will try to help you with the new date and time. Changes are subject to availability and cancellation policies and prices may vary. If the changes you request can not be made, it will be considered a cancellation and cancellation policies apply.

What about cancellation policies?

Once confirm your day trip , if you cancel your booking 5 days before it start you will get 50% refund, with no refund after that. For itineraries you will need to cancel your trip with 30 days in advance to get the 50% refund. In case your tour have a deposit, this amount is not refundable under any circumstance. There are no exceptions to this rule. In case you don´t arrive around the 30 minutes after the time to begin your tour it will be consider a “no show up”, the full price amount will be charged and reserve the right to cancel the tour.

What if I have a special request?

We aim for your complete satisfaction so this is an important matter to Your special request like special meals, request for smoking/non – smoking rooms, etc. Must be submitted at the time of booking.

In case I join a group, How many people will be on the trip with me?

We travel in small groups up to 15 people. It helps us make our tours more comfortable and low impact. Traveling in small groups we can also give our users a personalize attention, as well as allow them to enjoy the experience, and learn respectful practices to the local culture and environment. We will let you know how big is the group when you get your booking confirmation.

Are there any additional expenses during the trip?

Additional fees depends on the service you take. There may be some additional fees, like: lunch, some dinners, shopping, optional activities, souvenirs, drinks and entertainment. Please see our individual tour itineraries for more information.


What kind of accommodations are included in my journey?

We work with the best hotels in every destination to get you great deals. At the small towns, we offer the most clean, quiet places, convenient to stay overnight. You have the choice to stay at a comfort hotel in small towns to a big one if you want a full service experience.

How can I get a discount?

We offer discounts through hotels. You can also check group on facebook and follow us on twitter for real time updates of our deals and “open group events” as they become available An “open group” event is a tour or a service schedule by someone traveling by it self who wants to travel with more people to get a better price and nice company. Anybody can join an “open group” event until it is complete and get the benefit of traveling in a group.

Do you provide Travel Insurance?

It is a courtesy from us for your peace of mind. Travel insurance for you and your group is a courtesy we include to cover your trip essentials, just in case.

This travel insurance has been designed for travelers in Colombia and it is available only for the participants that send on time the required information in each case.

You will have insurance coverage for Medical Assistance in Colombia due to accident or disease during your time traveling with us. The adventurous activities like horseback riding, rappelling etc. have also a specific coverage for you.

You can request the full coverage to our team by email and will get the instructions on how to use it once your booking is fulfilled.

Can I design my own tour?

The tours that offers you are based on suggested itineraries only. We can customize a tour to fit your needs . You can also design your trip and we will put it together for you.

Are there any age restrictions?

To book any activity you must be at least 18 years old. Minors can participate if they are with their parents. If you are traveling with minors please specify the age and you will be advised as what will be better and which tours not to take.

Do I need to know/learn Spanish?

All our tour guides speak both English and Spanish. We want you to learn some Spanish basics for your own benefit, but we let the final choice up to you.

What happens if it rains? advice to bring an umbrella or rainproof jacket always. If the activities you book are designed to be outside a significant period of time and it rains heavily, reserve the right to cancel the tour. You can re-schedule the trip or be refunded with the 50% of your trip total value, if the rain is the cause of the cancellation.

Do I need to be in shape to go on a tour? tours are design for users of various fitness levels (see tours itinerary for information about specific tours) and no one is obligated to participate in activities they do not feel comfortable with. However, it is imperative that all guests are of sound medical health before participating in some of our tours due to the physical nature of our the tours (some of which include hiking, horseback riding, swimming, etc). Therefore, it is important you advise us of any health concerns or medical issues that may impair your ability to participate in the tour before booking.

What are the Staff like?

The Staff is by bilingual locals with a university education. They are reliable, fun and want you to have a great experience. They are very well versed in history, geography, culture and will be happy to share insights and the need to know info: local hot spots, restaurant recommendations, where not to go, etc.

It is appropriate to tip the guides?

Tips are not included in our tour prices. Tipping is well appreciated but it is not obligatory. Tipping is entirely at your discretion.

How participate in sustainable tourism and ecoturism?

Sustainable tourism definition:”tourism attempting to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate future employment for local people”. participate in sustainable tourism and ecoturism in the following ways:

  • Traveling in small groups, not traveling to unspoiled virgin areas, promoting low-impact tourism into well-maintained, protected natural and historic areas.
  • travels to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions.
  • visit places, and participate in activities, that foster meaningful interactions with local people, providing opportunities for cultural exchange, personal growth, and deepening of intercultural understanding and tolerance for both visitors and locals.
  • generates employment and supports small Business, local economies and the existing tourism infrastructure run in a sustainable and responsible manner.
  • aim to bring a positive experience to our users, staff, and to the local people in the areas we visit by being honest with customers, vendors, and collaborators
  • discourage mass tourism, mass constructions of hotels, resorts and mass activities in biological fragile areas