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Lost City Trek

  Everyone wants to visit an undiscovered region before it becomes a hotbed of tourism. Trek the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) at Teyuna, and have that wish come…

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Providence Island Diving Expedition

Join us on this quest trough the beautiful and historical islands of old Providence and Santa Catalina, both declared reserve of the biosphere by UNESCO (Seaflower). Dive in…

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Don’t miss your chance to explore a piece of paradise! Bookings for Providence Island Expedition closing in…

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Time to get rid of those old fears…

If you have never visited Colombia, you may be worried by something you saw or heard many years ago about our country. Let us debunk those negative thoughts!  

Drug Cartels

Don’t believe everything Netflix tells you. We are working hard and positively to move forward from that infamous​ chapter in our nation’s history and prefer to show you all the beautiful things we can produce. We refuse to treat sites of criminal activities as country landmarks.

Social unrest

The historic peace announcement between the government of Colombia and the FARC in 2017 ended 50 years of armed conflict. This creates numerous positive opportunities of our country to grow and prosper in peace, and for tourists to safely visit destinations throughout Colombia.

Poor infrastructure

We are committed to making tourism key to the country’s economy, a sector that contributed US $11.9 billion over the last 10 years by means of foreign investment and which is a unique opportunity for those wanting to invest in infrastructure and services.

Life-changing trips are hard to come by…

Colombia is full of locations that hadn’t been discovered or had restricted access a few years ago. This country is full of surprises that we want to share with the world. But we also have made a commitment with the guardians of this places to keep number of visitors as low as possible and protect them from massive tourism. Every month we’ll reveal an exclusive secret destination to our mailing list.

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